Book of Proverbs



The prefix "omni" if used for many words that describe God. It means "all" or "everywhere" or "everything". We believe that our God is omniscience– the God who knows everything. God knows what is not known by man. For example, God knows what kind of medicine formula that is going to be found by humans two years from now. This knowledge is called God’s wisdom.

We also need God’s wisdom when we do our work and ministry and when we relate with other people. With God’s wisdom, we will be successful in everything we do. We could even achieve more than what we think possible. God’s wisdom will teach us the steps to solve problems. It will also guard our steps. God’s wisdom will strengthen us when we are weak. 

The key and secret to gaining God’s wisdom is having a lifestyle that fears the Lord. This lifestyle is our awareness of the omniscience of God, who knows everything – even the things in the depth of our hearts. Therefore, before we do anything, let us think if the things that we are going to do are wise. If  our choice does not not agree with the Word of God, it would be better for us to drop that intention. Honor God’s holiness. 

Living in the fear of the Lord is a boundary of protection. He is our guarantee. However, if we make the world our guarantee, we will be disappointed. 

The key and secret to gaining God’s wisdom is by having a lifestyle that fears the Lord.