Taming the Twisted Tongue

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Power of the Tongue

When someone says, “My tongue always gets me into trouble,” what they mean is they keep saying things that aren’t wise. Do you sometimes find yourself opening your mouth and wishing you hadn’t? Maybe you have spoken to someone and your words just seem to come out wrong and the other person is offended or hurt. Or, maybe you said something in anger that you didn’t mean, but the damage has already been done. Just like an out-of-control wild horse needs to be harnessed and trained, your tongue must be trained too. It is so tricky to train our twisted tongues. 

As the Bible says in Proverbs 18:21, our words hold the power of life and death. 

What that means is your words reflect what your heart looks like. Your words can bring about healthy, life-giving relationships, or what you say can cause others to feel angry, discouraged, sad, depressed, or even hopeless! Your words literally control and affect the way you live. They guide and direct your life. Think about it, what you say to others can set the direction of your life, the same way a bit guides a horse, a rudder steers a ship, and a match ignites a flame. 

Let’s look closely at these three examples.

A Horse’s Bit

A bit is a small piece of metal placed in a horse’s mouth and attached to a bridle, which is connected to the reins. This small bit controls and guides the horse in the direction the rider wants him to go. The bit helps lead a horse on a controlled and enjoyable ride. But, when a bit is placed incorrectly in the horse’s mouth or when the rider mishandles the reins, the horse is no longer controllable. This can lead to a stressed-out horse, as well as a rough and dangerous ride for both the horse and rider.

A Ship’s Rudder

A vacation cruise is relaxing and fun, as long as the ship has a good rudder. A rudder is not very large, but it’s an important part of the boat’s navigation system. If the rudder is working well, it can control the boat and steer you in the right direction. However, if the rudder is faulty, your ship may become uncontrollable and hit an iceberg, and your destination may be the ocean floor!

A Match’s Spark

Campfires begin from the spark of a single match! When controlled in a fire pit, that bright spark can ignite a fire that keeps you warm and allows you to roast marshmallows and cook hotdogs! But sparks can be dangerous too. When a fiery flame is not controlled, it can ignite an entire forest, leading to mass destruction and even death.

How can you TAME your Twisted Tongue so it becomes a tool to bless others? 

Pray daily, asking God to help you control your tongue by the power of the Holy Spirit, which leads to life!