One Minute Apologist - Doubting Toward Faith



Doubt is not a Christian problem. Doubt is a human problem. We are all at some point going to deal with doubt. It is where you let those doubts lead you that matters most. Doubt means to be in two minds. Doubt never stays put, it’s always going somewhere. It pulls you in two different directions. Which direction do you follow? Do you follow your doubts toward unbelief or do you follow them toward faith?

For Christians, doubt can either serve us or sink us. It can drive us to seek truth or it can drown us in despair, hopelessness, and confusion. If ignored or left unchecked, it can bore into our brain, releasing a virus of unbelief, infecting, and eventually destroying every healthy thought about God. It can take us to a place where nothing else matters. Where we find ourselves loathing even life itself. If left unchecked, intellectual doubt metastasizes, seeping its way into our emotions and collecting a wide array of fears, worries, anxieties, anger, confusion, depression, and ultimately despair at the thought of being played or duped or envisioning life without our once “cherished belief” in God.

In this study, based on the new book "Doubting Toward Faith" by Bobby Conway, we will dive deeper into where doubt comes from and how it affects each one of us. By the end, you will have a better understanding of your doubts and how to deal with them. Join me as we learn to DOUBT TOWARD FAITH.


Take time to identify the doubts that you struggle with the most. Ask God for guidance and wisdom as you learn to address your doubts in a way that will lead you closer to Him.