Live at The Wheelhouse: A 6-Day Devotional by We The Kingdom

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God So Loved

Bring all your failures

Bring your addictions

Come lay them down

At the foot of the Cross

Jesus is waiting there

With open arms

Every time we sing the second verse of this song, I’m reminded about the depths of my depravity and the magnificence of God’s great love. What a gift to have a Savior who’s willing to welcome us as we come to the Cross wearing the chains of our past guilt, shame, mistakes, and insecurities. We come covered in filth, and He sees His beloved child on whom He places the cloak of righteousness as He welcomes us into His open arms. WHAT A PROFOUND MYSTERY!

I remember several years ago when one of my daughters woke up in the middle of the night weeping and calling my name. I went into her room and quickly realized that she was covered in her own feces as I removed the blanket she was hiding under. She was so scared and ashamed, and I had to the opportunity to sweep her up into my arms and carry her to the place where I carefully washed the filth off of her, even as it got on me. In that moment, it was as if God was saying to me “How often are you in this same place? Don’t be afraid to bring your worst before me; it’s my joy to meet you where you are, and I adore you no matter how filthy you might feel.”

I’ve spent so much of my life trying to hide my mess from my God, myself, and the people who love me, and keeping the depths of my heart in the shadows while wearing masks when I’m in the light, so that everyone sees the “me” I want them to see. I get so tired from crafting the image of who I think people want me to be rather than just resting in who I am in Jesus. Like my daughter, I am prone to hide my heart under the blanket. But, praise God from whom ALL blessings flow, that He, in His mercy and grace, looks at me in that state and showers the river of His great love over me.

I’m overwhelmed that there’s nothing that I can bring to the Cross that hasn’t been washed by the blood of Jesus. His work on the Cross is complete, and His work in me is being brought to completion. Yes, there are huge bumps and setbacks in the journey, but all the while, as I draw nearer to God, I become more aware of the vastness of His compassion, and that changes everything!

— Scott of We The Kingdom