Famous In Heaven And At Home

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We must make an intentional effort so that our husband gets our best, not our leftovers. “Doing good” does not just happen by default.

No matter what your life’s season has for you right now, whether you think about a draining career or you’re deep in the trenches of parenting (or maybe both!), this is NOT easy.

But if you always find your husband getting whatever you have leftover at the end of a demanding day, he hasn’t been made a priority. A checked-out, worn-out wife can’t bring her husband good if she has nothing left for him.

What change can you make so your husband gets more of your effort and less of your leftovers?

Single ladies, I hope you haven’t checked out on me yet, because I have seriously the coolest takeaway for you. This truth does not just apply to all the days we are married. “All the days of her life” means just what it says: all the days of her life

This is so critical to remember in seasons of singleness and seasons of dating: am I doing my husband good before he is even in the picture?

One of my mentors, Thomas White, shared this analogy with me: “When you’re single, you chase after God as fast as you can. While you’re running, glance to your left and right, and see who’s chasing God at the same pace you are. When you consistently see the same face over and over again, grab hands and decide to chase after God together.”

Doing our husband good is a result of that chase. We’ll do the man God has given us the most good when we remain consistent in our chase of Christ, and one day, continuing that chase while refusing to let go of our husband’s hand.

God, protect us against complacency. Help us chase after You as hard and as fast as we possibly can. If we’re married, help us to hold tightly to our husband’s hand in the process of our pursuit of You. Give us a heart that desires for him to get our best, not our leftovers. If we’re single, help us to practice our diligence and intentionality of an intimate relationship in our personal walk with You. Give us patience until You bring that man chasing after You at the same pace into our lives. We love You, and we trust You. Amen.