How Do I Find My Calling?

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How Do I Find My Calling?

If you could do anything you wanted to do, you had unlimited time to get further training, unlimited money, and you could not fail, what would you do?

A common answer is the desire to make a difference in life. We often feel lost in our jobs, unsure of what God desires for our lives and we how we can impact his kingdom.

How can we know what God is calling us to in our work?

1. Remember that we are called to be good stewards of our gifts.

The Fall can blind us to the very nature of the gifts we have been given, but it is our job to discern our gifts and use them to God’s glory. We need the Spirit’s help and the help of others to gain clarity on how to best use the gifts God has given us.

2. God has made people for every position in the body of Christ.

He has also made people for every position on the corporate flow chart. Some people – relatively few – are made to be CEOs. Some are best as the second in command. Others love to assist their boss in order to make him or her succeed. Some are made to be inventors. Others love managing all the details of what someone else has started. Remember, you are uniquely made with talents that God specifically entrusted to you.

3. Pay attention to your life history.

When discerning your calling, it is helpful to give a thoughtful examination of your life. Note what you have enjoyed doing and feel like you have done well. List at least three illustrations in each period of your life: grade school, junior high, high school, college, post-college. Then share about the details of what you enjoyed with a friend. Note the following:

  • Any recurring subject matter.
  • What place you play on a team.
  • What kinds of challenges trigger your motivations.
  • How and why you are motivated to learn.
  • What primary gifts you use, and what are the ends and purpose towards which you drive.

Paying attention to the way God has created you and finding a wise friend willing to listen will reap dividends throughout your life as you seek to discover and pursue your calling.

Spend some time praying for God to reveal his calling in your life.

Additional Elements

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