[Exodus Experience Series] Exodus Experience Devotions


The Right Place and Time

As leaders, in whatever position we are placed, there are certain things that are certain. There will be challenges, difficulties, struggles, failures, successes, and joys. God brings us through Exodus Experiences to teach us. What is an Exodus Experience? It is a difficult place out of which comes the fruit of patience, prayer, dependence on God, a servant mindset, praise, and blessing. We all go through Exodus Experiences, but what do we do about them and what will we learn from them? Join us for your Exodus Experience.

In Exodus, chapters 7-13, we find the nation of Israel being freed from the bondage of Egyptian hardship and slavery. As Exodus 14 unfolds, Moses and the nation of Israel find themselves—roughly 2 million of them—being led by God to make camp before Pi Hahiroth, between Migdol and the sea, opposite Baal Zephon.

There are several very important things that need to be noticed here. First, God is the one who is speaking, which means He is in control, directing Moses as he leads the nation. Second, He has led them to make camp in a very specific place—one that has room for the people and livestock. Third, He has led them figuratively between a rock and a hard place! They have the Red Sea in front of them, mountains all around them, and unknown to them, Pharaoh and his army bearing down upon them.

The list of people in the Bible who have found themselves in deep difficulty while trying to follow God includes many great people of faith, and this list includes the Disciples and Jesus. The people on this list became great people of faith because of what they learned in their Exodus Experiences. The very first lesson that they learned is this: God has put you right where you are! He is the One who has placed you in this particular place at this particular time.

Though you may be between a rock and a hard place, it is also imperative to remember two additional things. Paul tells us to always rejoice—why? Because the Psalmist tells us that God is at work in you and in your circumstances. When you remember that God is in control, realize that He has placed you right where you are, and rejoice in His presence, you have a strong foundation for your Exodus Experience.