God's Will For You


 Trust God’s Sovereign Will 

God’s will can be understood in two ways, namely God’s sovereign will and God’s revealed will. 

God’s sovereign will is also known as the decreed will of God or the hidden will of God. As a sovereign God, He brings to pass whatever He pleases by His divine decree. And this will is hidden because we are usually unaware of God’s sovereign and decreed will until what He has decreed takes place. 

God’s sovereign will extends over all of creation including us, over every decision made, over the salvation of people, over evil and wickedness, over birth, life, health, and death. All things work according to His sovereign will and none of God’s plans can be thwarted. 

God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-wise and all-good. And His sovereign will reflects His character as a benevolent and gracious God. If anything has happened, it is because God has sovereignly ordained and permitted it. Nothing comes to pass without His knowledge and what He plans to do, nothing can stop it. 

Some wrestle with this idea of God’s sovereignty and assume it contradicts man’s free will. The Scriptures hold both these truths together without contradiction. This is called a paradox. They seem to contradict each other, yet it is true. 

God’s sovereignty over your life should not scare you but comfort you. You can be certain that God will accomplish all His purposes concerning you. The good work He began, He will complete it. Not a single hair from your head falls without His knowledge. He knows you by name and delights in you. You can be certain that even the difficult trials in your life are allowed with a loving reason. Though we may not fully understand, we can rest in His power to save and rescue us. And this confidence in our Father’s love is rooted in the gospel. If He did not spare His own Son to redeem and save us, to forgive us and adopt us as His own, then nothing can stop Him from all the good He intends for me and through me. 

When I learn to trust His sovereign will, then I begin to rest in Him without anxiety, worry or fear.