Book of 1 Samuel



One of the topics in pre-marriage counselling is how to raise up children and teach them according to God’s Word. The Bible tells us that children need to honor their parents so that they will be wise, fulfilled and they may live long on the earth.

God has given the responsibility and authority to parents to love and teach their children to live in obedience and discipline according to the Word of God. Eli, who was the high priest of Israel, is an example of a parent who failed to love and teach his children to fear God. Eli spoilt his children by letting them do whatever they wanted, even though they committed wicked things before God. As a parent, Eli lost his authority to his children. When his children sinned before God, Eli didn’t discipline or punish his sons when they did not heed the voice of their father.

Parents are God’s representative to their children and have a calling to love them well. When we do this, we are worshipping and honoring God.

The proof that we honor God, who can’t be seen, is by honoring our parents or leaders or government that God put in our life. 

What is our attitude when we worship? Do we really honor God?When the Word of God is preached, are we listening to the sermon, or are we busy with our gadgets or have a wandering mind? When we are reprimanded by parents or our leaders, do we want to receive it? When we discipline our children, are we doing it from love?

God measures every act of worship. God sees our heart, whether we live in fear of God or not. Honor God through your worship in everything you do. 

Honoring God is our worship of Him.