Face To Face: Prayer

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Throughout history, for the people who had the greatest faith, prayer wasn't a little habit that came and went in their lives; it was their lives. Prayer was at the center of their lives and it fueled their most productive and impactful years. Nothing draws us closer to the heart of God than prayer.

But many of us find prayer intimidating. Some of us feel silly, like we're talking to ourselves. Some of us are worried that we aren't saying the right things, that maybe our words aren't fancy enough. Some of us just can't stay focused so the prayer doesn't feel special.

All of those feelings are understandable, but we have to remember who we are speaking with! 1 Peter 5:7 says - "Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you." Does that sound like someone that is going to get frustrated with you or roll their eyes because you didn't say something really impressive?

Whenever we start something new, it always starts off feeling awkward, like we just haven't gotten it down yet. When a fledgling eagle first starts flapping it's wings, it looks ridiculous. But it was made to fly, and you were made to be face to face with God. This plan is designed to help you get started. You just have to commit to push through the awkward beginning so that you can be what God made you to be.

In this seven day plan we are going to try a few different ways to pray to find one that you connect with best.  Today we are going to read something from the Bible and use it to guide our prayer. 

Here's a little context for what you are going to read.  Jesus is talking to his closest followers right before he is going to be arrested and killed.  He is telling them about how important it is to stay close to Him because He is the source of everything good they want to do.  He is basically telling them why it is so important to stay face to face with Jesus.

When you read the Scripture below, pick out the one truth that makes the biggest impression on you. Then ask: What awesome thing about God does this truth tell me? How does this truth show me a sin I need to confess? How does it show me something to ask God for?

Turn the answers to those three questions into a prayer: tell God how He is awesome, confess a sin to him, then ask God for the things that are on your heart.