Book of Deuteronomy



Do you know there is remedial broadcast of certain TV programmes? This is so the programme can be watched at a later time, sometimes because the viewer wants to watch it again. In order to create a good habit, we need some information or announcements to be repeatedly spoken.

Moses reminded the Israelites not to enter the Promised Land because of their strength or might, but because God always walked with them. Starting from the moment they came out of Egypt, God performed signs and wonders and made the Egyptians generous to give them their treasures and wealth, causing them to gain wealth within one night!

During the Israelite's journey in the desert, God provided all they needed. God protected them so that not even one of them fell sick due to the extreme temperature of the desert and none of wild animals in desert attacked them. This was in conditions where the temperatures between night and day differ in extremes as great as 22 °C. There are many deadly poisonous snakes in desert. Yet God protected the Israelites so that not even their shoes got spoilt.

We need to remember again what God has done for us until now. Isn’t that everything we are now because of God who always walk with us? God is working in every area and every situation of our life. He keeps revealing His goodness. Our life journey with God is a story and testimony to our children and to our children’s children, for them to follow us to walk with God.

The key to our success is not because of our smartness, might or ability but because GOD WALKS WITH US.