The Rising: 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Everything

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Day 5

It’s Not About Me

Can we be real for a minute? 

Our culture today is very “me” centered. We’re spending a disproportionate amount of time getting to know who we are and planning what we want life to look like, filling social media with our accomplishments, and looking for ways to be famous... important...happy. If we’re honest, a lot of our lives are all about our own elevation. The problem is, self-centered, me first living isn’t really very fulfilling.

Paul writes here that with Jesus things are different. I mean check it out, even though He has every right to make everything all about Him, and even though he deserves all the attention, accolades, and affection (because He’s the Son of God), He chooses instead to lay his life down for us. For you. For me. And because Jesus chose to serve us by laying down his own life for us, God raised Him up to the place He deserves! Jesus trusted God would take care of Him, and that’s why He was free to care for us. 

You see, when you trust God for everything, you can give away anything! When you know God will take care of you, you are free to truly care for others and experience the purpose, joy, peace, and hope that’s found in the humble posture of serving others above yourself. That’s what Jesus modeled for us and that’s what Jesus invites us to experience in Him. 

What is one way you could humble yourself by putting someone else’s needs above your own today?