The Rising: 7 Ways the Resurrection Changes Everything

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day 4

Never Alone

Have you ever felt alone? Like no one is in your corner or that you’re struggling all by yourself? Ever felt like no one notices you or cares about what’s going on? Maybe you feel as though you’ve been forgotten or abandoned or betrayed? Maybe you feel that no one else could or would understand?

When we feel lonely or isolated it’s easy to allow anxiety, negativity and lies to overwhelm us. But the good news of a resurrected Savior is that it means Jesus is alive. And if Jesus is alive, then we can be sure that we are never alone! Did you get that? Because Jesus is alive, you are NEVER ALONE. That is one of the last and most profound promises Jesus made to his followers; he would always be with them, even if they couldn’t always see him, even if things seemed overwhelming, even if everyone else has turned their back on them, Jesus says to them and to us that HE IS WITH US! 

Parents getting a divorce? He’s there. 

Bad diagnosis in the family? He’s there. 

Didn’t make the team? He’s there. 

Can’t afford to go to the school you wanted to? He’s there. 

Friends betray you? He’s still there. 

The rising reminds us that we are never alone. Jesus is with you, by his Spirit inside of you, He is with you. You can lean on Him, trust in Him, vent to Him, rest with Him, and be strengthened by Him! 

Trust your ever-present Savior, not your ever-changing circumstances. 

How does the promise that Jesus is with you, in every little detail, change how you look at your current circumstances?