Vindication And Vengeance

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DAY FOUR: It is the truth that will be vindicated—not you or me

Only the person who has been in the right—or truly led by the Holy Spirit—will eventually be vindicated. But it is because the God of the Bible is the God of truth; it is impossible for Him to lie (Heb. 6:18). If you are not being vindicated, consider this: truth may not on your side after all! Though the person who has hurt us may be wrong to be unfair or unkind, it does not follow that you and I are always on the side of truth.

If you have vindication coming, then you will get it. Eventually. God knows the truth. The truth will come out—sooner or later. It may not be in a court of law. For sometimes people get away with murder. Truth may not be seen as truth in the eyes of the majority. But God is just. He will be the Advocate of truth and will clear your name and mine, if it is truth we are upholding, in His time.

Never dismiss the possibility that the withholding of vindication is God’s way of refining you! Don’t despise the means God may choose to drive you to seek His face.