Vindication And Vengeance

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DAY ONE: Vindication and vengeance is God’s prerogative

It cannot be exaggerated how much God hates our trying to do His work when it comes to vengeance or vindication.

Whether it be vengeance or vindication, either is solely the Lord’s sovereign right. He does not like it when you or I try to punish someone, to vindicate ourselves, making ourselves look good or clearing our own names. This is God’s business; it is what He does. I guarantee this: try to vindicate yourself and God will immediately get off your case. On the other hand, let Him take over (He doesn’t want our help), and He will be on your case and do a perfect job of it. But in His time. Time is on His side. Time is God’s domain.

Romans 8:28 is one of the most precious promises in Scripture. It can refer to when I was in the wrong or messed up—or even when I was right but not affirmed as such. In God’s time all things work together for good—when I was wrong or badly wrong. A temptation for many of us is to claim we were in the right because things worked together for good. No! It is the sheer grace of God that makes things work together for good.