Salty and Shiny - A Study of the Beatitudes

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A Paradoxical Kingdom 

In today’s world, strength, authority, wealth and power are celebrated and made much about. Jesus turns the tables on what the world calls blessed and sets a new standard. According to Jesus, He says that the truly blessed are the spiritually poor, the meek, those who mourn, those who hunger for God, the pure, the peacemakers and the persecuted. That’s why this kingdom is paradoxical in nature. The least, the broken, the humble and the pursuers of God find a place in this kingdom where achievements, influence or having it all don’t count for much. 

The word ‘Beatitudes’ means “supremely blessed” which indicates that knowing Jesus as our Savior gives us access into His kingdom and therefore opens us up to living an incredibly blessed life.

BUT.. this blessed life is not for the fainthearted. 

Every human’s life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns. Life is unpredictable, messy and hard. In the Kingdom of God, blessed are the ones who know whose they are and keep moving forward towards their prize which is eternal life. Nothing or no one can stop them in their pursuit of God and their kindness towards fellow men. Are you ready to discover more about this Kingdom and its subjects?