What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

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Come, Follow Me

No big shocker that following Jesus is costly. The best things in life always are. — Louie Giglio

Jesus called His disciples and used the phrase “follow me” over 20 times in the Bible. In the gospel of Matthew we read that they left their occupations and their families to follow Him. Matthew 4:20 NIV says, “At once they left their nets and followed him.” And later in verse 22 it says, “...and immediately they left the boat and their father and followed him.”  There is something profound in how they left. The disciples left to follow Jesus in two ways: instantly and completely

They didn’t hesitate in their decision. They didn’t take anything with them. They didn’t run back home to bid farewell to those they loved. They simply said yes to His call. And for the next three years, they did everything with Jesus. 

Many will say that what the disciples did was radical and over the top. And it was. To follow someone who merely spoke to them, someone who did not live in a palace as a king should, someone who grew up like them, and someone who came to serve is extreme. Yet, they were compelled to follow. There was an unexplainable, unfamiliar force that pulled them to Jesus. 

What or who are you following? We all follow something or someone. It may be a person's teachings, a family legacy, or a spiritual philosophy. Our devotion lies somewhere; we just have to admit where that is.

As Christ followers, the Someone we are to follow is Jesus. But often we get confused about what that really means for us here on earth. If you ask ten people their thoughts about following Jesus, there’s a good chance you’ll get ten different answers! Most answers will have to do with our actions.

Live good lives.

Be kind.

Show love.

Go to church.

Read the Bible.

Feed the poor.

Pray for others.

There are people who will tell you what you shouldn’t do as well—swear, cheat, lie, steal, hurt people, judge anyone. “Just be a good person,” they say. Then, there will be a select few who will tell you the cost of following Jesus is laying down your life so that He can live through you. And what they are suggesting is an all-out surrender to Jesus.

Let’s dive into what it means to surrender our lives to Jesus as we follow Him on this earth—to live our lives so deeply connected to Him that saying goodbye to self becomes a joy and an honor. 


  • When you think of how the disciples responded to Jesus’s call to follow Him, what do you feel? Do you feel overwhelmed or inspired at the thought of fully surrendering your life to Jesus?

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What Does It Mean to Follow Jesus?

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