RoMANtic: Reclaiming Manhood

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You are the solution to a problem in the world! When God fashioned you in your mother's womb, and numbered the hairs on your head, the intentionality He put into your design was on purpose. God saw a problem in the world and a need among His people, and said, "Let us make INSERT YOUR NAME HERE." 

My brother, you are RESPONSIBLE, not just for an assignment but to a people. There is a need that you have been especially equipped to meet and a void that you are needed to fill. God calls you to a partnership with Him in His redemptive effort to bring heaven on earth. You can't do it without Him, and He won't do it without you. The task is on you to identify what this responsibility (purpose) is, to stir up the gifts of the Holy Ghost that have been placed in you for your assignment (2 Timothy 1:6), and to make yourself a useful vessel through which God makes His glory known to the world (Habakkuk 2:14). 

This is no small task. God has made you responsible for the souls of people. God has called you to much greater than what you see or experience now. Answer the call and truly submit your heart to Him today. Watch Him accomplish through you things that are beyond your wildest dreams (Ephesians 3:20-21).