RoMANtic: Reclaiming Manhood

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When God says, "here, you can have this," He expresses His love for us. When God says, "no, don't touch this," or "don't touch this right now," He gives us an opportunity to show our love for Him. Men love and respect God. Do you? Where's your evidence?

As men, we get into trouble when it comes to sex. God has given us the gift of sex, and we have the ability to use it the right way or the wrong way. It's simple, the right way glorifies God. If we use it the wrong way, we disobey God, misrepresent Him, and hurt ourselves. Sex is great. But when sex is done outside of marriage, there are physical and spiritual costs that don't seem like a big deal until the bill comes. It's like going to a restaurant and ordering everything that sounds good and the menu doesn't show the price of heartbreak, an unhealthy soul tie, or even an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy.  

To avoid such heart and head ache, God calls all men to walk in sexual purity. Although you may have access to things that produce lust in your heart, such as pornography, masturbation, and your imagination gone wild, God provides the grace to say, "no" to these illegitimate pleasures. When it comes to sex, God very seldom says "You can never have this," but when He does, in cases when he has called a man to lifelong singleness, He provides the grace needed to fulfill this expectation. For most of us, God simply says, "you cannot have this yet," as He desires to be glorified in our obedience and intends to protect our God-given sexual appetites for our wives when a marriage covenant has been made.