The Impact and Attitude of a Faith Driven Investor

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What We Are For

Christ followers have become known for what we are against—no alcohol, tobacco, adult entertainment, gambling, etc. While acknowledging the good negative screen funds that exist, Faith Driven Investors are more known for what we are FOR in how we place our investment capital—things like human flourishing, job creation, redemptive businesses that restore the world to God’s original design in the garden, etc.

The focus is not limited to which negative investments to avoid but going beyond to discover where resources can be positively stewarded to do the most good. 

Some investments may be clear to avoid (those that produce and distribute pornography as a material part of their business model might be an example), and others may be less clear (those that make some food products that our doctors would tell us to avoid).

Regardless, we look to what Jesus said about His disciples—that they would be known by their love—by the fruits of the Spirit. Jesus didn’t send His disciples into the world to be known by the things they avoided. Yes, some things are worth staying away from, but that is not where it ends for the Faith Driven Investor. Instead, we search for the places and investments that we can lean toward.

Jesus sent believers out to live and love intentionally. Financial resources act as vehicles for this type of lifestyle. Our investments focus on the mission given by God for humans to do good, serve others, and love well.

When we are engaged in a problem, we are committed to understanding the ins and outs of the community affected and always strive to come up with a solution that serves everyone involved. Instead of avoiding the problems and sins that plague this world—real as they are—Faith Driven Investors have a reputation for taking an active and engaged role with what God has put in front of us.

Further Thought

  • When you think of “Christian investing” what ideas and images come to mind?

  • What’s the risk of only being known for what you’re against? Why does having a reputation defined by what you are for so important to believers in today’s society?