The Warrior’s Validation

This Bible Plan is for people like you, by people like you. Warriors. Don’t feel like one? What would happen to your health, your friendships, your family, your job, and your faith if you stopped doing everything? You don’t even want to imagine right? Because you fight for those things every day. 

You’re a warrior.

Day in and day out you’re trying your best to be your best. But how do you measure your success? 

When you fight as hard as you do—for your family, your faith, your job—you want to know your time is worthwhile. You want to go to sleep knowing you made the right decisions. But how do you measure that? Who gets to say that your blood and sweat was worth it? 

We all love to hear that our time in the gym is paying off, that our boss is noticing the extra hours we’re putting in, and our spouse loves the new car we worked to afford. Now, don’t get me wrong—this encouragement can be a beautiful, life-giving thing. But what happens when it stops? 

What do you do when the new car breaks down, when the compliments about your physique stop coming, or when your boss just thinks the long hours are the new normal? It starts to feel like we’re just throwing punches in air. We’re running tirelessly, but no one is watching. Or caring.

The problem is not that the validation stopped, the problem is where it was coming from. We need a stronger foundation that won’t break. We need to find our validation from someone who never changes. 

And there’s only One. He walks in us, walks with us, and works through us. He is Christ. Jesus. God. Holy Spirit. This three-in-one force passionately created everything, including you, with overwhelming love and purpose. What does He say about you?

Maybe He’s telling you that you are doing enough because in your weakness He is strong. Maybe He’s reminding you how you’re a good father, even if you’re not making the big salary, because you love your family like He first loved you. Maybe He’s telling you what maybe your father or mother never did—He’s proud of you. 

Pray: God, who do You say that I am? What do You think of me? Will You help me to discover Your heart for me? Amen.

-Tommy, fellow warrior

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