Celebrating the Gifts of the Special Needs Parent

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Day 7 – Reflection: So Now What?

Jesus liked to give the before and after picture. He liked to show the people of this world how to live in it and not of it. He wanted us all to recognize that this cold spell, this sleepless night, this fight with your spouse, this age spot on your neck, this drought of milk in the dairy aisle is only temporary. But even so, He reminds us that what we do here still counts. It counts toward the future without end. 

There is an ache that comes with living in this hard world, like sleeping on hard-packed earth. After a while your whole body screams from it. You need a softer resting place, something with a little give. He knows this. This is why God gave us Revelation. So we can know that all that we wonder will be revealed, and all that we mourn today will be made right again tomorrow. In Revelation, we see the picture our hearts long for.

Let yourself look towards the world that is promised to you and your child. Now go and live in laughter and exuberance for the future that is yours in Christ. Hug your kids and help them see this promise, too. This is your calling as a parent: to show your children that their future is lit with a brilliant, heavenly light.