Celebrating the Gifts of the Special Needs Parent

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Day 4 – Patience As You Wait for the Anger to Pass

Mothers in the Bible have to be tougher than most. In fact, most special needs parents seem to share one specific trait: the innate ability to remain soft for their kids and fierce for the world when it comes to their protection. Because of this, it's easy to lose all care for etiquette, personal space, or rational thought when your child is hurting or struggling. You do what you have to do to keep them safe until they can do it themselves. 

However, when you choose your family above everything else over and over again, it can inure you to others’ feelings, if you let it. And then, when you feel that your child is being treated unjustly, the anger comes like a fire, engulfing not only the spark that created it, but everything else in its  path. 

Remember, though, that anger is just an emotion like sadness or joy or grief or hope. It can be felt without consuming you. Instead, it’s what you do with the anger that counts. So feel it and then let it pass. Entrust it to God. Entrust your child’s care to Him. Count to ten, or a million, and then pray. Let Him provide another way to handle the difficult situation or person. You simply have to be still long enough to let Him go about His work.