I Have Questions: Divorce

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Have you ever repeated something to yourself again and again? Maybe you’ve been nervous about something and told yourself, “Breathe in, breathe out.” Or maybe you were frustrated at a situation and had to say, “Just let it go.” Whatever it is, you do it because in moments of stress, adversity, or pain, you want your mind to remember something that is helpful—something that is true. 

Here, the Psalmist is giving us an example of something just like this. He repeats characteristics and qualities of God, speaking of His protection, strength, and steadfastness. Why? Because he needed to remember. No matter what was happening around him, he needed to be reminded of how powerful and good God is. 

Today, read this verse out loud. Try to even memorize it. This week, when you need to be reminded of what is true, let this be your mantra.