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As humans, we deal with stress beginning at birth. Depending on the mood and emotional involvement of parents, pregnancy, and childbirth can be a stressful and traumatic event for both mother and baby. The latter leaves the  protection of the mother, and then has to fetch the air using their lungs, while dependent on the other to satisfy their vital needs.

As they grow into children, they have to face environmental challenges: studying, adapting to the routine of their home, and facing peers - that means they could having nicknames, suffer bullying, and experience disappointment. 

Adulthood brings emotional and financial independence, pursued with hard work. It requires discipline, emotional, and intellectual skills. At the same time, we still experience our personal dramas, expand our limits, and are affected by the graces and misfortunes of those we love. All that added to financial crises, politics, and the progression of violence.

All these phases are not easy to live. They generate physical and mental exhaustion, and generate many attributions and concerns, leading us to stress.

Stress does not choose it's victims. It attacks us all. The problem is how to fight it. At first, we need to learn to avoid its extremes and to rethink the way we respond to it, as we can become angry, bitter, and moody.

Ask yourself: Do you consider yourself a very stressed person?