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Rivers Of RevelationSample

Rivers Of Revelation

DAY 1 OF 5

DAY ONE: You Too Have Been Chosen

As a new believer in 1978, I looked around and wondered why I was the only Jewish person in my whole school who believed in Jesus. Then I realized that I believed because God had revealed Himself to me in a way that He had not revealed Himself to the other Jewish people I knew. He had chosen me.

You were personally and specifically chosen by God the Father before the foundation of the world. Because He chose you, He revealed Jesus to you, gave you faith, and brought you to Himself. Even if your coming to faith wasn’t dramatic but happened slowly over time, you came to faith by the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. When you realize that the security of your relationship with the Father is based on His choice of you, you will know that you are standing on solid ground. 

Father God, in Messiah Jesus’ name I ask You to open the eyes of my understanding to be able to realize that truly You chose me before the foundation of the world because You love me. Because my relationship with You is rooted in Your choice of me and Your love for me will never change, I can be secure in You. Help me to take hold of this.

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Rivers Of Revelation

Revelation isn’t just for biblical figures. It’s for you too. Messianic Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider helps you experience more of Jesus’s power in your life.

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