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Leave Mediocrity Behind

Life finds its meaning in its ultimate objective. This objective is so important that even Christ on the Cross spoke of it.

If eternal life is the prize, then every moment of this life is important. Every choice I make in thought, word, or deed is significant. A pebble can influence the course of a river, and one careless choice can turn us away from Paradise. Bousset warns us that, 

“The reality that each moment and each choice has eternal consequences for God and for ourselves, glorifies the whole of life. Everything now has meaning and value. The most humble activities can be glorious in the light of eternity. We should be encouraged with the thought that it is never in vain to do one’s best.”

Seeing life as a brief probationary period to prepare for the hereafter places all things in right proportion. My eternal destiny, and those whom I can influence should interest me more than all the temporary tinsel of human experience.

Christ has suffered that we might have eternal happiness. You no longer need to be a slave to sin.

Love was the moving principle of Christ’s actions; all our works are to be vivified by love. Love is the life of the heart as surely as truth is the light of the mind.

Are you living a mediocre life? God calls you to leave mediocrity behind. Go for a walk in your favorite outdoor place and as you walk, pray and make a plan to achieve something audaciously big for God. 

By Dr. Desmond Ford