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Steadfast Love

DAY 1 OF 5

Waiting on God

They say patience is a virtue. I like to think back to the days of my childhood and the sweet anticipation of Christmas. Counting down the days in excitement was something we learned to do in order to wait with eagerness rather than to wait with frustration. Our prayer life should be very similar—a faith in knowing that God has heard us, and knows exactly where we stand in relationship to what we are asking for. An eager countdown to the day we see with our own eyes the answers that we have been faithful in waiting for. Let’s look at the Merriam-Webster definition of waiting.

Waiting - a transitive verb

: to stay in place in expectation of

: to look forward expectantly

: to be ready and available

How amazing is that? Instead of a season of waiting, we can reframe it to a season of expectation! What miracles and answers are you expecting in your life? Waiting seems to take on two different forms and it is up to us how we feel in the space between asking and receiving. It can be a flood of anticipation, eagerness, excitement and knowing. Or it can be frustrating, hard, disappointing and hopeless.

In these next few days we will dive deep into God’s Word and see how we can shift our mindset to “wait well”. To understand that waiting is a necessary part of God’s creation and serves a purpose. Those answers that haven’t come or dreams that have not seen the light of day are planted within us from a God Whose steadfast love for us never ceases. If we can learn to embrace the season of “not yet” we may find hidden treasures of new mercies given to us each and every day. 

About this Plan

Steadfast Love

I have been in that season of waiting many times in my life, and it’s not easy. There is a space between asking and receiving...


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