10 Days of Christmas Truths to Live All Year



Can you imagine Elizabeth’s joy to share with her friends and family that, after all this time, she was finally going to be a mother? And how exciting that her son was the one God had chosen to prepare the people for the coming of the Messiah!

But then her cousin has news that her Son will be even greater than Elizabeth’s. No doubt, the temptation for jealousy was there, and thankfully, she didn’t fall for it.

A few lessons from Elizabeth’s example:

Nothing good comes from allowing bitterness or envy to creep into our lives. 

Mary actually stayed with Elizabeth for three months of her pregnancy (Luke 1:56).

Just imagine what it would have been like to get to feel the kicks of your Savior inside Mary’s womb! Because Elizabeth chose the selfless response, she got that blessing.

Celebration is the only appropriate response to God at work. 

When we see God moving in someone else’s life, instead of wishing that for our own lives, let’s rejoice with them, as Elizabeth did with Mary. 

There is so much greater joy in choosing to praise God for what He’s doing in others instead of selfishly dwelling on what He’s not doing through you.

In the big picture, what’s important is that God’s work is being done, not who is chosen to do it. 

Our choice to celebrate others encourages those around us. 

Can you imagine what it must have done for Mary’s soul when Elizabeth greeted her as “the mother of my Lord” (Luke 1:43)?

I can only imagine Mary’s inner dialogue as she traveled to her cousin, unsure of her future and doubting the events of the last few days. But when Elizabeth greeted her as “the mother of her Lord,” all of those doubts transformed into sweet confirmation from God through from her wise relative.

Encouragement is never wasted words. Let’s look for opportunities for God to use us to affirm the work He is doing in the lives of others. 

God, I confess that comparison is all too easy. I could blame social media and technology, but God, I know that my heart is the problem. Help me find joy in every way I see You at work, whether it involves me or not. I don’t want to miss the blessing of simply seeing You at work. I love You. Amen.