A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

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A Mystery and a Miracle

Stress happens when we carry more than God has called us to bear, and when we do more than He has called us to do. Stress is a warning signal that something in our life needs to change. Stress can also be the result of committing to the wrong things rather than the right things. 

I have always believed that my life was in God’s hands—and it is. He is sovereign, and He is most assuredly the God of all authority. Yet He has also given us free will to choose Him or not—to choose well or not. He has given us the power to determine what level of stress we have in our lives. He always offers peace and rest to His children, even in the midst of chaos and busy living. I know that peace and rest are His will for my life. However, I have the option to choose Him or not, and in that respect, my life is in my own hands.

There will be seasons in life when you will have to learn how to rest, but not quit. Only a woman whose heart is centered on eternity will be able to navigate busyness while continuing to keep a calm heart, a peaceful countenance, and a gracious voice. In the most pressured and overloaded times of life, your faith will guide you, keep you, and control you.

You are stronger than you imagine and are able to do more than you think because you have Jesus alive inside of you. You might feel weak and unable to cope; you might feel like you are letting everyone in your world down. However, those are the very moments when you can ask for God’s strength and peace. This is both a mystery and a miracle: when you are at the point of greatest frustration, God is able to fill you to overflowing with His strength and peace.

It is when we get to the end of ourselves that we are more apt to surrender our will, our calendar, and our ways to God because we know that we can’t survive without Him. You may be at that point today. If so, you are at the place of a miracle! God loves to infuse weakened and weary women with His supernatural strength and joy. It’s what He does best!

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A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

Stress has a way of piling up in a woman’s life until she is unable to make quality decisions, enter into meaningful conversation, or enjoy what she has been given. You were not created to be an anxious woman whose life ...

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