A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

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When You Feel Overwhelmed

Does your heart ever feel overwhelmed? Honestly, there are days in my life when my heart vacillates between being raw with paralyzing frustration and being stimulated by a thousand agitations. Continuously, the floods of demands, disciplines, people, chores, habits, vices, and commitments create a massive quagmire in my life that can only be described by one desperate word: overwhelming.

When we are overwhelmed, the first thing we need to do is cry out to God. We need prayer more than we need our circumstances to change. Just going to my infinitely gracious God, who is lovingly attentive in all of His ways, reminds me that I am not in charge. There is Someone mightier and more powerful than I who is well able to bring relief to my mountain of stress.

One of the most destructive mistakes that any of us makes during moments of overwhelming madness is to be led by our emotions. Anger and impatience will do damage to relationships that may be difficult to repair.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, do not focus on what is causing the irritation or annoyance. Turn your eyes away from your circumstances. Instead, set your gaze—and your mind—on the only One who is able to help you!

There is no safer, more peaceful place to be than to abide in God and with God. When I linger in His presence and enjoy the safety of His Word, it is then that the overwhelming things of this earth truly “grow strangely dim.” When His nearness overshadows all that screeches my name, I am at peace at last. The life that He bestows to a desperate woman such as I is the life that I have dreamed about and longed for.

God’s presence miraculously enables me to face another day of the demanding details of daily living. His Word powerfully shields and protects me from the rapid-fire of life’s stresses. Prayer helps me to wisely focus on what is eternal and not on what merely stirs up a ruckus.

Perhaps, the next time that you or I find ourselves in overwhelming circumstances, what we should do is run to God and all that He is! I resolve to take a break from this mad, mad, mad, mad world and set my heart where it has always belonged…in Him.


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A Woman Of Significance: Overcoming Stress

Stress has a way of piling up in a woman’s life until she is unable to make quality decisions, enter into meaningful conversation, or enjoy what she has been given. You were not created to be an anxious woman whose life ...

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