Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas


Open Your Gift

For decades of Christmases I left an unopened gift under the tree, offered by the greatest gift giver of all. But I was scared of it and thought I needed to be in my holiday best to open it. I couldn’t shake that it was really for someone else.

So there it sat…

My Salvation.

My Father waited patiently for me to open it. But I lacked faith.

I wasn’t sure if I needed or wanted His gift. Or if there was anything in the box at all outside of Sunday mornings. So I ignored it and pretended He wasn’t calling out to me. I made excuses and thought I could make my own gift with my hands. But the glue wouldn’t hold. 

I tried until the weights of life brought my heart’s eyes down. I saw the gift again. But this time I ran to it and opened it because nothing else would do. There was nothing else I wanted or needed.

By prayer, Bible reading, and asking the Holy Spirit for help, I had enough faith to open God’s gift of salvation.

Inside the box lay a new set of heavenly clothes purchased at a high price but worth every bit in God’s eyes. I put on my new self found in Christ and looked in the mirror. I saw something unexpected—the me that I was supposed to be from the start. 

When I started running with the gift of forgiveness and mercy and love from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, my feet wanted to fly. And I have faith with Jesus they will have enough strength and endurance to run my best race. 

Have you opened your gift?

~Andrea Chatelain

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