Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas


Are You Salty

Imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, eyeing the steaming stuffing, taking a huge bite, only to discover it hadn’t been seasoned. 

Bland spirituality and unseasoned food have something in common: Few of us like them. They lack flavor. 

I made a pot of soup recently. It tasted bland, but I couldn’t figure out how to give it more zip. Then, my son sauntered into the kitchen for a sample.


“Mom, it needs more salt,” he said. 

I contemplated his words, added a couple of pinches, and tried the broth. He was right. 

Salt made the difference.

As Christians, we flavor our world with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. The Bible calls us the “salt of the earth.” As such, we make a difference. 

We are the seasoning of Christ, bringing His love-truth to relationships, situations, and circumstances. We champion hope for eternity, the message of reconciliation to God. We sprinkle forgiveness and truth daily.

One granule of salt seems small, and it is. But just as the soup’s flavor changed because of a few small morsels, the world around us advances for the better when we season it with the love of Jesus.

But what happens if we lose our zest for Christ because of trials or grow tired of loving difficult people as Jesus taught us? What if we lose our “saltiness”? Does one quieted voice make a difference? According to Scripture, it does.


This holiday season, if you’re battling weariness or questioning whether to continue to serve, be encouraged to press on. If you’re discouraged or comfortable with life’s flow, remember Jesus died for each of us to offer the hope of heaven. 

So go ahead, be the salt of the earth, bring glory to God, and watch others enjoy the goodness of Jesus Christ, too. 

~Kristi Woods

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