In Search of Wisdom

Day 1 of 5 • This day’s reading


DAY 1)  Wisdom Calls

It is impossible for us to know all that we do not know. There is a mountain of knowledge beyond our awareness. So how then shall we live? The concept of MORE is buried in our souls. We know there is more! The magnitude of nature beckons us into this knowing.

In the New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible, Proverbs chapter 8 says that wisdom “calls out”. Really? If so, are we listening? Are we too busy doing our own will our own way to hear the voice of wisdom? Well…if wisdom is calling then I want to be listening! In order to really listen well, I simply must choose to slow down and quiet my spirit. I need to ask for wisdom. I need to pay attention. Seeking His wisdom should be the number one quest of our lifetimes. After all, He is the Creator and the Knower. We simply do not know, and cannot know  how to live “above and beyond all we could hope or imagine” or the “abundant life” without the help and the guiding wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Let us wake up and take note of this all-important task. 

Questions to consider:

1) Ponder how you could invest time in daily seeking His wisdom for your life?

2) Discuss your priority of seeking daily wisdom.

3) How would you ever be able to know “that which you do not know”?


Oh Lord! Save me from myself and my unwise ways. Teach me wisdom and the humility to learn from You.