Life of a Disciple Part Three: The Word


We are called to disciple others, and we teach what we know, but we impart who we are. In short, we must live the truth in order to impart it to others. Whatever your ministry - and we all have one - it is meant to be the overflow of your life. This is why it’s crucial to be in the Word, and to understand that the Spirit and the Word are meant to be together. The Word is the standard by which all revelation and experience is measured.

It has always been the intent of God that the Scriptures would lead to encounter - that they would lead to Him. Words are containers, and if our words are containers, how much more are God’s? Our minds were as made for the Word as our spirits were. We weren’t just destined to think the thoughts of God, we are designed for it. We are new creations in Christ, and everything the first Adam lost in the garden, Jesus redeemed. This includes our ability to be in union in every way with God - including souls, emotions, and sound minds. 

The One Who wrote the Word lives inside of us, and as children of God - a part of the royal priesthood - He invites us to seek out His truth and His nature. Let’s intentionally make time to meditate, reflect, and know Him through it. 

So, today, ask yourself the following:

  1. Reflect: How are you living truth in your daily life, and imparting who you are? 
  2. What do you believe about your ability to understand Scripture, and does it line up with what God says?
  3. Do you currently measure all revelation and experience by Scripture? How can you practice this in your life?
  4. How do you see God redeeming your mind in practical ways? 

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