Life of a Disciple Part Three: The Word

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A disciple meets with the Lord while they’re reading Scripture. As we internalize the Bible, especially the New Testament, we can more accurately adjust our worldview to Jesus’ and test what the world tells us and what we experience in life. As a house, we believe in the authority of Scripture as the source of infallible truth by which we judge all insight and prophetic revelation. Everything we do, say, write, and so on, should be judged by the Scripture. It’s especially important that we communicate this, specifically because we operate in the core belief that God is still speaking today.

When we become Christians, we connect with Jesus, and we discover that He has a lot of content - He has a lot of things to say about many things. The goal of Scripture is to commune with Him, and to be transformed into His likeness - He is always seeking us in relationship. As believers, we should become more like Jesus, and more emotionally mature as we grow. In our time with the Author, we are meant to dialogue with God, asking Him why He says and does things, to understand how we are meant to be more like Him. God is our Master Discipler - He has a certain worldview, and He has content for us to master. 

The Word is a miracle, filled with both time-specific and timeless thoughts, perspectives, and ideas, and we must read it in the same way it was written - by the Divine Voice of God, and by people who have encountered God and are passionate about His presence. 

So, today, ask yourself the following:

  1. How can you intentionally build time in your day to be alone with God and know Him through the Word?
  2. What is God teaching you today about things He does or says in the Scripture?
  3. Where do you see instances of God speaking to people throughout the Word in time-specific ways?
  4. How is God encountering you through the Word? 

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