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Every Word, a Reader's 90-Day Guide to the BibleSample

Every Word, a Reader's 90-Day Guide to the Bible

DAY 1 OF 90

If you spend only one hour per day filling your heart and mind with God's Word you will have read through the entire Bible in 90 days! This plan offers you a chronological reading plan along with several outstanding videos from The Bible Project giving you new insight into the wisdom and transforming power of the Bible.


  • God is the first subject of the first verb. This is His story. Keep an eye on His actions.
  •  Genesis means “beginnings.” Notice all the beginnings. 
  • Humanity is the crown of creation, made in the image of God—the Imago Dei. Consider how that great dignity bestowed on mankind gives honor to all people. 
  • Man chooses his own way over God’s way. Follow the consequences of his rebellion. 
  • God makes important promises of rescue and blessing in Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 12:1–3. These promises will unfold until they are fully realized in the great climax and conclusion of the story. Remember these promises throughout your reading.

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