Colossians In 7

Day 1 of 7 • This day’s reading



Read it out

This passage is the summation of Colossians in my mind. It is asking a question that I wrestle with and one that you should wrestle with for the next seven days. What would it look like to really follow the Holy Spirit by putting Jesus first in our lives? 

Colossians is about the person of first importance-Jesus Christ. He is the very Son of God. He is God. He is supreme in our world. This is the basic message of Colossians. Once Paul establishes this fact, he begins the process of unpacking what it means to live with this message as the central point of a believer’s life. 

That will be what we attempt to do through this series.

Talk it out

What do you hope to have a better grasp on once finished with this devotion?

Pray it out

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to divine truth through the next 7 days as you open to Colossians.