Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

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What Religion Is The Right Religion?

There are several ways in which Christian theologians defend the superiority of their faith.

1. Consider the miraculous origin of the Christian movement. 

Christianity clearly stands on the factual, historical miracle of the resurrection. 

However, Muslims consider the inspiration and reception of the Qur'an to be miraculous; Hindus and Buddhists point to the supernatural nature of moksha or nirvana; and Jews remind us of their miraculous Exodus and the revelation of God in his word.

We doubt that followers of other faiths will concede that our faith alone can claim supernatural origin. 

Christians counter that the evidence for the resurrection is remarkably persuasive, but defenders of other faiths will claim the same for their founding events.

2. Examine the evidence for each world religion. 

What proof can Muslims offer that the Qur'an was truly given by God to the illiterate Muhammad? 

What evidence can Buddhists offer for the enlightenment of their founder? 

How do Hindus really know that reincarnation is true and that moksha is possible?

By contrast, we have examined remarkable evidence for the trustworthiness and authority of the Bible and for the resurrection and divinity of Jesus.

However, as I have spoken across the years with numerous followers of other faiths, I have not found this argument to be compelling for them. Every Muslim I have ever met was convinced that the Qur'an is the trustworthy revelation of God. And Hindus and Buddhists seldom seek empirical evidence for a personal, supernatural experience. (Christians have a similar problem in proving their salvation experience.)

3. Point to the millions of lives changed by the gospel in the decades following the birth of the church. 

It is an astounding fact that so many people quickly accepted the apostles' message about a crucified carpenter and that their movement would in time topple the mightiest empire the world had ever seen.

At the same time, other religions have their legions of followers as well. 

Islam is growing quickly all around the world. Millions of Buddhists and Hindus claim that their respective religions have transformed their lives. Jews have held to their religious convictions despite millennia of horrific persecution. 

If we claim that Jesus changed our lives, but you claim that the Qur'an did the same for you, we are at an impasse.

So, can Christians empirically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our faith is the only true faith?