Treasure Hunters

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Ananias the Courageous

Read the Bible reference before starting so you can answer the following questions. You may want to put the story into your own words, e.g. Ananias hears God tell him to go and pray for Saul who is an enemy of Christians. Ananias debates with God, but finally does as he is asked in spite of the danger. Ananias prays for Saul, his blindness is healed and Saul is filled with the Holy Spirit.

  • Ask: Praying is talking with God and receiving from him. Where in this story do we see someone talking with God? What do they say? (Ananias talks to God, he responds when he is called, he questions God and is honest about his concerns regarding Saul, he prays for healing.)
  • Ask: Where do we see someone receiving from God? What does that look like? (Ananias receives a vision, instructions from God, and probably courage to do something risky. Saul also receives a vision from God as he is praying, he receives healing and the Holy Spirit.)
  • Ask: What is something you find easy to talk to God about? What is something you find difficult to talk to God about? (Have the person with the longest eyelashes go first.)
  • Ask: How else do you think we can ‘receive from God?’ Have you ever had an experience of ‘receiving from God?’ If so, what did that look like? (e.g. prophetic words/ pictures, guidance from the Bible, feelings of peace or joy, encouragement, dreams, etc.)
  • Pray: Ananias laid hands on Saul to pray for him. Have family members lay hands on each other and pray for them. Have children pray for their parents and parents for their children. Pray that the person’s conversations with God would become better and that their ability to receive from him would grow.
  • Wait on God for a short time and pay attention to images, thoughts, feelings or words that come to mind. Thank God for being with you in your family Treasure Hunt.

Get feedback from your prayer experiences and allow family members to share as they feel led.

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