Treasure Hunters

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Ehud the Unique

Read all the Bible references before starting so you can answer the following questions. You may want to put the story into your own words, e.g. Israel was under the rule of King Eglon who was mistreating God’s people. God sent Ehud to deliver them from their enemy (much like he used David to defeat Goliath).

  • Ask: What was your favourite bit of the story? Why?
  • Ask: What was unique about Ehud? (He was left handed.) How did God use Ehud’s uniqueness? (Drawing his sword from his right thigh with his left hand allowed Ehud to catch Eglon off guard. Ehud was used by God to defeat the enemy of God’s people.)
  • Have each person name a strength or gift for each family member. (Have the person with the curliest hair go first.)
  • If you feel able: Allow discussion on weaknesses or areas for growth. (Have family members say what they believe are their own weaknesses or areas of growth, e.g. ‘I feel I am quick to become angry. I would like God to help me control my anger,’ or ‘I don’t feel like it is easy for me to pray, I would like to grow in my ability to talk with God.’ IMPORTANT: Do not let this become a ‘rag’ session on each other. The point of looking at our weaknesses is to support each other and journey together towards growth, not to pour out our frustrations with each other.)
  • Ask: How is our family unique?
  • Pray: Give thanks for the unique gifts and personality traits he has given to each one of us.
  • Ask for strength and courage to grow in areas of weakness.
    Ask for more honour in your family life as you learn to celebrate each others uniqueness.
  • This is a quiet listening prayer. In your own mind ask God: What is something you really like about me? Wait in quiet for a short time and pay attention to images, thoughts, feelings or words that come to mind.
  • Thank God for being with you in your family Treasure Hunt.

Get feedback from your prayer experiences and allow family members to share as they feel led.

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