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Success Secrets From The BibleSample

Success Secrets From The Bible

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Courage and Humility

When someone wants to emphasize a point they usually repeat it several times. In Joshua chapter 1, the word courage appears several times. God emphasizes the need for courage as a key ingredient for success. 

The reason courage is required to achieve success is because the journey towards success is riddled with a lot of fearful situations. Courage is not the absence of fear, but going ahead despite it. Courageous people are just as afraid as everyone else. The difference is that courageous people act despite their fear. There is no need for courage if fear is not present. The fact that we need courage means that fear does not go away, we have to act despite its presence. 

Courage is one thing, but there is also one other ingredient just as important to success. Humility. Courage helps us do things that may scare the daylights out of some people. Humility makes us admit that what we are doing isn’t working. It takes a lot of humility to admit we are on the wrong road. It takes even more humility to take an alternative route. Because people lack humility, they can continue on a wrong path just to prove a point. A humble man or woman admits when they are wrong and stops what they are doing. 

Therefore, to succeed we need to be both humble and courageous. These two concepts work hand-in-hand. 

In the book of Revelation, we see a picture that seems to be contradictory. A scene unfolds where John, the Revelator, is troubled when there is no one courageous enough to open the scroll. The Holy Spirit told him that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah was worthy to open the scroll. What was strange was when John looked at the One worthy to open the scroll—one who was described as the Lion of the tribe of Judah. Instead of seeing a lion, he saw a lamb. Not just a lamb, but one that looked like it was slain.

This is a picture of people that become successful. They have this contradiction. They have a lot of fire inside them, but when we look at them, they look like a lamb. They don’t have the outer physical features of a lion, but that of a lamb, and the attitude of a lion. 


Dear God,

I know that on the way to success there are so many roadblocks. Some will require me to be courageous, others will require me to be humble. Help me know how to act accordingly. I commit my success journey into your hands in Jesus' name 

Day 2

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Success Secrets From The Bible

While success can be described in many ways and means different things to different people, whatever you call it and whatever it means to you, God wants you to achieve it. In His word, He has given us principles that mak...


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