Rest, Restore, And Rejuvenate

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Making Time for What’s Important


How many times have you said this: "There's just not enough time in the day; I don't have time; I'm too busy"? It's this feeling of being too busy that keeps us feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

Here's the sobering truth—it's all self-imposed. No one else but us created our busy schedules, so it's up to us to change it. We can start by learning to focus what's most important and get comfortable with leaving the rest behind.

If time is your biggest enemy, you don't have a time problem, you have a priority problem. You struggle with time because your priorities are out of order. We manage our time based on what we think we should be doing or what 'feels' urgent instead of seeking God to help us establish what our priorities should be.

Once you get a true revelation of your priorities—what you were put on this earth to do and who you are here to serve, then you will learn to relax and make the most of your time. You will learn to work your priorities, let go of the rest, and find rest in the Lord. Lack of time becomes an issue only when you're living out of your purpose.

God has given us just enough time to do what he's called us to—to live out our assignment, that's our priority. We waste time because we veer off in other directions. We give in to peer pressure; we want to please others; we want to satisfy our flesh, or we listen to the lies of the enemy telling us to focus on something other than what God has called us to. It's all so exhausting!!!

It's in spending time with God that we learn how to focus on our priorities. We find our purpose and our priorities in Him. When you make time for God, you will have the time to do what He has called you to do and you will learn to let go of the rest.

As you seek first the Kingdom of God and all its righteousness, you will have the time to do all that's truly important.

Now take a deep breath and let God's truth fill every cell of your body.

Questions for Reflection 

1.  Reflect on what's most important in your life. Is it reflected in your daily life?

2.  If not, pray for the wisdom to eliminate what's unimportant so you can focus on God's best for you. 

Relaxation Exercise

Make time for a walk today with an emphasis on giving God thanks and praise. Pray for people as you walk by them; pray for loved ones; for your country, and pray for yourself.  


Dear Lord God, I'm thankful for this time with you right now! This lesson is hard to hear, Father, and I'm grateful for the conviction I feel. I confess and repent of trying to be the general manager of the time you've given me, and today I surrender my agenda to you! Managing my time is an inside-out job that I need you in charge of, Lord. I'm asking your Holy Spirit to reorganize my mind and re-center my heart on you. Search me and show me the ways that my priorities are mixed up; clarify for me whatever should have first place in my heart; and convict me to surrender that which doesn't belong in that precious spot. Today, please give me a special revelation of my purpose so that while I'm here, my focus will be on that. I want to thank you, Father, for the blessing of the wonderful time I get to spend here on earth with the people that I love and in communion with you. Whatever I truly desire I will naturally make time for, so please, let my deepest and truest desire be for you, Lord! My intention is to use each moment of the time given to me for your glory! Amen.


Are your priorities reflected in your daily life?