Rest, Restore, And Rejuvenate

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Restored Beyond Measure 


I admit that I sometimes daydream about packing a small bag and buying a one-way airline ticket to a remote tropical island. Then, finding a nice simple way of life there—spending my days basking in the warmth of the sun as the gentle emerald waves lap the quiet shore of the white sandy beach laid out before me. Can I get an “AMEN” here?!

What I’m longing for is an oasis; a pleasant and peaceful reprieve in the midst of a difficult, troubled, or hectic place or situation. What I'm really searching for is a way to escape all the heavy burdens, expectations, and tasks I'm bearing.

It’s in this place of weariness that our alignment with God becomes radically disjointed. It’s in this place where we often realize we’ve set out to sea and left our very lifeboat back on the shore! It's in this place of overwhelm that we can surrender our weaknesses at the foot of the cross. There we can call on the name of the Lord, our peace, Jehovah Shalom. He says, “Come to me” (Matt.11:28-30), and it's His loving call to us to let Him do the heavy lifting. He promises to show us His love and care for us, assuring us that we will find rest and ease in His presence!  

Sisters, He wants to be our very own personal oasis. He wants to be our resting place, our refuge and our sanctuary. He wants us to know the kind of restoration that goes beyond the temporal and into the eternal!

The biblical meaning of the word "restoration" is actually to receive back more than has been lost. HE LITERALLY WANTS TO RESTORE YOU BEYOND MEASURE! He is abundantly generous and He wants you to be FULLY RESTORED! 

Find rest and peace in this knowledge today! ~ Candace Wright  

Questions for Reflection 

1.  What heavy burdens are you carrying that the Lord is calling you to lay at His feet?

2.  How will you allow the Lord to be your personal oasis today?

Relaxation Exercise

Legs Up the Wall

This exercise is great for calming the nervous system. It also reduces swelling in the legs and gives the legs a rest. Remain in this position for 1-5 minutes. 


Jehovah Shalom, my Lord of Peace, I come to you with gratitude! I thank you for loving me and wanting me to be fully restored. I thank you for giving me wisdom and awareness to recognize that these burdens I carry don’t even belong to me! Lord, I surrender to you every part of me in need of rest, restoration, and rejuvenation! You are my oasis! I will settle in beside you Father, on the warm sun-kissed beach, resting my head upon your shoulder, hearing your heartbeat for me as your words wash upon my spirit—gentle and reassuring. There, in my time with you, I will find peace beyond any I can imagine! I will be revitalized by the power of the Holy Spirit as you are restoring me and instilling within me the passion to do that which pleases you. In Jesus name. Amen! 


What heavy burdens are you carrying that the Lord is calling you to lay at His feet?