I Can Learn The Bible: The Joshua Code For Kids


God began doing a good work in you. And he will continue it until it is finished when Jesus Christ comes again. I am sure of that. Philippians 1:6

From Start to Finish

Have you ever made something special for someone? Maybe it was a bracelet, or a picture you painted, or even something you baked. It’s always fun to start on a project, but finishing it is the most important part. Nobody wants a bracelet that doesn’t fasten, a half-painted picture, or cookies without any sugar in them! You have to finish what you start if you want it to turn out right.

God Starts the Work

The verse you will memorize this week will teach you that God is the One who started His work in you. He is the One who reached out to you and called you into a friendship with Him. Before you chose to follow God, He chose you! And here we go again, with another promise from God: He promises to finish His work in you. He promises He will never let you go and He will always be there, showing you the way. What wonderful promises!

God Finishes the Work

You probably don’t remember when you were learning to walk. That was a long time ago! When babies are learning to walk, they want to hold on tight to their parent’s finger. That might work for a minute, but if the baby stumbles or lets go of that finger, he will fall down. So the parent quickly learns to hold on tight to the baby’s hand and not let go. Just like that, God is holding on to you. There may be times in your life when you want to let go of God’s finger and go your own way. There may be times when you are not sure if He is still there. Philippians 1:6 promises that He is always holding your hand, never letting go. He will finish the work He started in you.

Dear Jesus, thank You for choosing me and starting Your work in my life. Thank You for Your promise to finish that work and never leave me. Please help me always remember that You are right there, holding my hand. In Your name, amen.

What do we say?

God’s Word is for me and to me, it is in me and working through me, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!