Heal Your Father Wound

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Day Six – Healing the Father Wound 

To heal the father wound, you need to forgive the earthly father(s) who failed you. This forgiveness will remove the demonic foothold that bitterness brings. Once you forgive your earthly father, your heart will be opened to receive the relationship you need with your heavenly Father.

When a child gets adopted, he needs to get used to having a father and spend time getting to know his new father and family. To become a Christian is to get a new family (the church) and a new Father (God).

Healing from the father wound leaves people open to the Holy Spirit of adoption and sonship. As you walk away from the demonic spirits of the father wound and by the Spirit walk with the Father, you will experience radical life change.

Many Christians understand conviction and forgiveness but have not yet experienced the Father’s healing because of their father wounds. Although you may be a Christian, you may have not yet made the full journey from Jesus to the Father. The Holy Spirit brings you to Jesus. Then Jesus brings you to the Father. The Spirit convicts you of sin and brings you to Jesus for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus forgives your sin and then brings you to the Father for healing.

On the cross, Jesus asked the Father, “Why have you forsaken me?” When He endured the Father wound, He broke a spiritual curse and reconciled us back to our Father so that we would not experience the forsaking that He did. Jesus Christ took our place and endured a Father wound so that ours could be healed.

Was this plan helpful to you? It was adapted from our book Win Your War: For in the Realm You Don’t See For Freedom in the One You Do.