Heal Your Father Wound

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Day One – Fighting Dad

A mixed martial arts fighter named Jens Pulver became a Christian later in life and wrote an autobiography. The 5-foot, 7-inch lightweight known as “Lil’ Evil” was a lefty who fought his way through the inaugural Ultimate Fighting Championship to win his weight class.

This brutal fighter had grown up under the worst of circumstances, including an incident where his dad put a gun in seven-year-old Jens’ mouth but then pulled it away, saying, “You aren’t worth the bullets.”

Pulver says, “When I was fifteen I made myself a promise. My dad had just beaten me and my mom, and we were huddled in the bathroom, crying. It was a horrible situation. But I made myself a promise—one day I’m going to get so famous that I’m going to tell everybody about him. I’m going to get so famous that they are going to listen. It took me twenty years, but it kept me out there chasing the dream until I became a world champion.”

Pulver was fighting his dad every time he climbed into the ring. He had a father wound. The father wound is an unhealed hurt from a physical or father figure in our lives.

Fathers fail us, and unless we forgive them and invite God the Father in to heal our father wound, we remain burdened instead of unburdened, broken instead of healed, and made bitter instead of made better. It leaves people open to the demonic through hurt and bitterness.