The Path Of The Pilgrim By Ann Goodfellow

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The ongoing love story

The Bible is full of the ongoing story of God and His love. He wants to build a loving relationship with everyone—yet so many turn their backs and pretend there is no God. For those who have sought and found Him, there is a different story. It begins with God revealing His loving heart to us.

He shares His thoughts, His will and His desire for the best for our lives. God becomes fully involved in the lives of those who love Him, and His guiding hand and blessings are upon them.

God gave His greatest gift to humankind: He sent His Son, Jesus, to live among us and to show us how to live as God desires. Jesus revealed God’s love by caring for us all and then dying for us. God’s love was expressed fully in Jesus. This love story is ongoing, for God wants to fulfill His intent, to be in a loving relationship with every man, woman and child He created. What a mighty God we serve. In Him, we live, and move and have our being!

We cherish our relationship with God because it is based on love—His love for us and our love for Him! Before we came to know God, we were selfish and self-centered beings with no thought of how our behavior was viewed by others.

When God touched our heart, there was an immediate change. Love came flooding into our lives. Don’t let your love for God grow lukewarm. Be positive about your relationship with your Creator. Give praise! Worship God! Offer Him all the love in your heart!


May my life be guided by Your love, dear Lord. Thank You for the gift of Jesus. May my life be filled with loving-kindness to all people. Amen.