Jaci Velasquez's When God Rescripts Your Life

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Do you feel like that, like you’ve got random events in your life, these individual stories? Can I just tell you: they’re adding up to something. It’s not always clear, it’s not always obvious, but God is in there, stringing all those events and anecdotes and comedies and tragedies and histories together. Your life has a fuller story to tell, and God will connect all those dots, all those points of experience as you live out your days.

Through all of it, all the experiencing, all the retelling, God is up to one thing—one ultimate purpose.

He wants you to know something, to know it so deep down to your core that you can see it in every angle, every note of each moment of your life that plays out.

What he wants you to know is this: you are his child. His. Wanted, loved, designed, specifically placed in time as his.

What he wants you to do with this knowledge is this: to live as his child fully in this day, to be transformed into his spiritual image, fully who he created you to be and fully redeemed.

I used to think of the things that happened to me as random bits of good decisions, bad ones, happy days and sad ones, times I got it right and times I got it wrong.

But your life is not random to God. It’s ransomed. . . .

All of it, it’s part of a bigger book God is writing, the message he writes over and over to you and to me, that we are his, treasured, loved. God tells the most amazing stories. After all, he is the author of the greatest story ever told. And he’s willing to work with all kinds of material. . . .

The details of your life matter because they make up the total story of your life. Yes, you may have chapters that are huge in your story. You may have chapters that seem less important. You may have chapters that tell of a devastation. But you’re still here. The story isn’t over. The thesis remains the same: You matter to God. You live as his child. And that is the ultimate purpose of his story for you. That’s the artistry of what God does, repurposing everything that happens to you and everything you do to be crafted into a greater story. That’s the ultimate art of repurposing.