Counting Stars In An Empty Sky By Michael Youssef

Day 2 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Two

Three Thousand Promises

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1, 8–12

God calls us to count the stars of his promises just as Abraham did—whether the sky is ablaze with starry wonder or a deep, silent black. In fact, God has made more than three thousand promises to us in the Bible—promises of: 

Abundant life

Answers to our questions

Assurance for our doubts

Blessings for our lives and our families

Comfort in our sorrows

Compassion for our sufferings

Confidence for our challenges

Courage for dangerous times

Defense from our enemies

Deliverance from temptation

Direction for the journey

Encouragement for our weariness

Everlasting life

Faith for the future

Forgiveness for the past

Freedom from worry and anxiety

Friendship with God

Grace for each day

Guidance for our plans

Healing for our diseases

Help in times of trouble

Hope in times of despair

Inheritance that will never fade

Joy in times of sorrow

Justice when we have been wronged

Love that never fails

Mercy that never runs out 

Peace that passes understanding

Pleasures everlasting

Power for any problem

Presence of God 

Protection from perils

Provision for our needs

Refuge in times of trouble

Renewal of fading strength

Rescue when we call for help

Rest and restoration for our souls

Rewards for obedient service

Salvation by grace through faith

Satisfaction that is soul deep

Shelter in the time of storm

Success for the plans He gives us

Victory over obstacles and opposition

Vindication before accusers 

Wisdom when we call upon Him 

These are just a few of the promises God has given us in His Word. These are the stars God has given us to count. 

God told Abraham to count the stars even when he could see no stars. And God tells you and me to count the stars of His promises—even when the night is starless.

What are the stars God is telling you to count today? What promises is He asking you to remember? You may not be able to see those stars in the darkness of your circumstances, but like Abraham, you can count them with eyes of faith.